Rules: The Code of the Underground

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Rules: The Code of the Underground

Post by Rei on Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:58 pm

There are rules at The Smash Underground that you agree to by participating in these forums. These rules support the site in becoming as friendly and helpful as possible. Penalties vary from simple warnings to outright bans.

The Code of the Underground:

1. Respect Everyone: Please do not disrespect any of the members at Smash Underground. If you disagree with someone please be polite when stating your opinion.

2. No Swears or Insults: This forum is a friendly place in which members can talk to each other and express ideas in a civilized manner. Please do not use innapropriate language, use discriminatory slurs or names, or verbally attack another member. Keep it clean!

3. Stay on Topic: Do not go off the topic at hand. Start a new topic if your message does not fit with what is being discussed. If you find yourself straying away from the topic, do your best to bring the topic back to what it's supposed to be about.

4. No Double Posts: Please do not double post. If you have something else to add in your post, please edit the post you already made.

5. No Spam: Do your best to make every post meaningful.

6. Fun Factor: Relax and enjoy your stay at the Underground! We're all here to share our passion for Brawl, so have fun!

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