Standings (season 1, dead topic.)

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Standings (season 1, dead topic.)

Post by Raimu on Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:21 pm

Heres a preview of what the leaderboard will probably end up looking like, with some numbers on top of course Razz (Lots of help from Doc on this one, including the header.)

Remember to refresh your browser!


GP- Games Played. The number of games each player has currently played in the season.
S - Sweeps. The number of Sets the player won without suffering a single game loss. Each "S" is worth 3 points.
W - Wins. The number of Sets won in the 3rd game of the set. Each "W" is worth 2 points.
L - Losses. The number of Sets lost in the 3rd game of the set. Each "L" is worth a single point.
FL - Full Loss. The number of Sets in which the player failed to win a game. A "FL" earns the player no points.

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